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A little about us

Ziisoft Nano is a technology-driven company with a team of talented technical architects, developers, and designers. The management team comes with extensive experience in the services industry and mobility domain and boasts over 17+ years of combined experience.

Everyday is not just a working day for us; we go to work to innovate, share ideas, and create small-wonders, making the world a little simpler and more connected each day.

Though we are global, our minds are always as busy as bees in search of cutting-edge digital solutions backed by a solid architectural backbone that drives us to dive deeper and get to the heart of the evolving models. Our development roadmap tracks progress and execution with intuitive design practises to achieve our clients’ organisational goals and create products and services that users love.

What makes us different from the rest?

Well, we’re not just another software development company!

A leading digital transformation company offering end-to-end software development application solutions (web and mobile-based) along with designing amazing UI and UX. Providing the latest gamut of technology solutions, such as Cloud Computing and DevOps, we also provide seamless connectivity.

We help our clients—be they SME or large-scale enterprises across various industries or technology stacks—by offering distinguished IT solutions.

Simplifying tech driven digital solutions

Driving business transformation, digitally – Applying disruptive technologies for business transformations. We brings great advantage to business space by bridging gaps, simplifying businesses and elevating competitive benefits by providing technology based business solutions.

Fast, Agile & SME Approach

Delivering quick solutions, equipped with the latest technology making it more beneficial scaling your organization’s efficiency.

Always prepared for tomorrow’s technology

We must embrace technology and have the zeal to constantly upgrade ourselves to be ready and equipped with the new tech for a bigger and brighter future.

Experience of long-term successful clients

We have been fortunate to work with some great established brands, and it has been amazing to see their trust deepen and grow.